Welcome to the 2017 Madagascar Workshop!

What is the Madagascar Workshop?

2017 marks the 12th anniversary of a long-standing collaboration on “Madagascar Workshops” held in alternating years at McGill University and the University of Toronto. This multidisciplinary meeting brings together top scholars and students from different fields, including Anthropology, History, Geography, Linguistics, and Archaeology, to present and discuss their current research on Malagasy society, history and culture. The central purpose of the meeting is to exchange and build knowledge on Madagascar and its surrounding islands and to spark dialogue on various aspects of Malagasy society, history and culture

About the 2017  Madagascar Workshop

This year’s conference will take place at the University of Toronto, October 12-14, 2017.

The meeting will include formal presentations and informal discussion centered around thematic sessions as well as a conference dinner. We are pleased to announce that the keynote speaker will be documentary filmmaker Marie-Clémence Paes. The workshop will include a screening of her film, Passé sous silence (Madagascar 1947) at the Alliance Française on Thursday evening, October 12th. at 7:30 pm. Workshop sessions will take place on Friday October 13th through Saturday October 14th.

Join us!

The workshop organizers invite participants to present research on any topic related to the study of Malagasy society, language, and people. Poster presentations or related modes of visual display are also invited for consideration. Potential participants should indicate their interest and submit a provisional title and short abstract by June 30, 2017.

Call for Papers

Contact us

The 2017 Workshop will include presentations by scholars from Canada, the USA, France, Finland, Madagascar, Australia and more.

See the Programme here and read the abstracts to find out more.

Interested in attending the workshop as a guest? Please send a message to Sarah Gould with the day(s) you will attend.